Thursday, September 22, 2016

My Grandmother's Lebanese-Spiced Chicken

This is my easy version of the warmly-spiced chicken my Lebanese grandmother served every Christmas and Easter. She lived with my grandfather in a small apartment in Brooklyn, New York. The bright and flavorful Eastern Mediterranean feasts she created from her tiny yellow kitchen impressed everyone. She loved to cook for her family and friends. On Christmas day, she always served a whole roasted chicken with delicious rice pilaf. The pan juices from the chicken were served over the rice. Along with the chicken and rice, my grandmother made stuffed grape leaves, lemony salads, hummus, baklava and date cookies. There was plenty of fresh pita bread too. Her modest-home was full of good food and lots of love.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Free COCO CHANEL Cross Stitch Pattern!

Let your inner fashionista shine with this fun FREE pattern! Experience the joy of making something with your hands. Stitch the classic design in silk on linen for a chic look. This COCO CHANEL pattern is great for beginners because it uses one color; Zen-stitching at its best!
The finished size of the pattern is approximately 7 by 8 inches when stitched on 32-count linen.
Please visit my petite cross stitch boutique to download the pattern:
  Free COCO CHANEL Cross Stitch Pattern

Happy Stitching!
xx ~ Jilly 

Friday, September 16, 2016

Eiffel Tower Counted Cross Stitch Pattern

New Pattern!

Click on the link to visit my shopEiffel Tower Counted Cross Stitch Pattern

The possibilities are endless for this cute Eiffel Tower pattern. Depending on your selection of colors, it can look romantic or rustic. With the pattern, I suggest my favorite color combinations like black, red or navy floss on natural linen for a French farmhouse look. 
Black silk floss on pink linen is flirty and feminine. Hot pink floss on white linen is fun. Select your favorite colors! Experience the joy of making something with your hands. It's a great beginners pattern because it uses one color; Zen-stitching at its best!
Happy Stitching!
xx ~ Jilly

Eiffel Tower © 2016 Designed by Jill Nammar. All rights reserved

Monday, September 5, 2016

Spicy Honey Baked Wings

These sweet and spicy baked wings need no long explanation. The honey caramelizes on the wings as they bake. That's a very good thing. They're also easy to prepare. Fresh oregano and a squeeze of lemon is a delicious finish.  Best of all, they're baked not fried. Bees Knees Spicy Honey makes them extra special. The chili-infused honey is the secret ingredient, giving this dish a punch of heat and flavor. I reviewed the spicy honey a few weeks ago. It became an instant favorite in my kitchen. You can find the spicy honey on Uncommongoods. Regular honey and a sprinkle of ground cayenne pepper will work too. 

Chickpea & Herb Salad

This refreshing and filling salad has lots of parsley, which acts like lettuce does in regular garden salads. There's a bit of creamy tahini and some finely diced red onion for texture and flavor. A squeeze of lemon juice is a fresh finish. Dill shows up here too. I enjoy the salad with warm whole wheat pita. This dish packs well for picnic lunches. This lunch sustained me on my summer staycation bike rides near the marshes and beaches.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Stitchy & Frenchy Things

Lots going on today, I'm deciding on the colors for my next garden sampler, stitching another pattern and designing a new one at the same time.  A tea and cookies break is in order. The Assam tea and French vanilla madeleines are from my favorite French Tea Shop in Salem, MA. They're more than welcome on this rainy afternoon. September is here everyone! I'm looking forward to it. Hope you're taking time for tea too. xx ~ Jilly

Monday, August 22, 2016

Healthy Mexican Cocoa

I've partnered with Uncommongoods to review some of their delicious and unique products. I've been a customer for years. 

Today I'm sharing honey with you. Bees Knees Spicy Honey is infused with a bit of chili. The heat sneaks up on you in a very good way. There's just the right amount of spice to balance the sweet. I love this honey. I've been eating it straight with a spoon (don't judge). It's that good. 

This honey is wonderful in my morning Mexican Cocoa (recipe below). The cocoa has a a dash of cinnamon and a spicy hit from the honey. Keep this cocoa recipe in your repertoire for brisk fall mornings and chilly winter afternoons. After a day spent skating, skiing or sledding, it's a cozy pick-me-up. I enjoy the cocoa year round. It's loaded with antioxidants and omega-3s.